Why You Should Make Your Business More Personal for Your Customers

A loyal customer is one of the most important assets you can gain in a business, but loyalty doesn’t come without working for it.

Offering great products and services can help, but the best way to get customers on your side is to give their heartstrings a little tug. If you can make the experience of interacting with your business more personal, then you have a better chance of winning them over.

Here’s how you can make you business more personal for your customers.

Deliver With a Smile

A kind touch when you’re delivering your products can be just the heart-warming note that makes consumers consider becoming repeat customers.

You can try a thank you note as shown at packhelp.com with the delivery, or add in small candy packs and other treats and bonuses.

Try Personalize Marketing

To make your marketing feel more personal, narrow your message by creating an “ideal customer” profile and speaking more directly to them.

Don’t get lost in the sea of online advertising and try a more direct route with physical mail thanks to teams like action-mailing.com. A letter in the mailbox feels more personal than an ad on a social media feed simply due to the tactile experience of being able to touch and feel it.

Be More Convenient for Them

The personal touch you’re offering should be more than just gestures. Show that you’re caring for the customer’s personal experience.

A good way to do that is to make your business more convenient and remove barriers, such as making payment easier by accepting more forms of payment.

Offer In-Person Support Where Possible

Solo business owners can’t cater to the needs of every customer, but it’s easier with tools like livechat.com that allow you to chat with them directly without too much delay or fuss.

If you want to offer that personal touch but you have trouble handling all those support tickets yourself, then consider working with a virtual receptionist who can field those contacts for you.

Ask Their Opinions

Customers are more than their experiences of going through your store or interacting with your business. They have their own minds and opinions, and you can show that you care by asking for feedback.

Get their opinions and respond to them directly or publish case studies that take into account what they want to see from your business to make them feel valued and respected. 

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