Why 12 Week Planning is the Sweet Spot for Success | No More Annual Plans!

If I had to choose one word to describe my 2022, I’d pick TRANSFORMATION!

  • After nearly 12 years, I fully embraced my role as a business coach and narrowed my focus to just entrepreneurs.
  • I retired or archived 10 products and services to devote myself just to the offerings that sell best and truly resonate with my clients.
  • I launched my brand new mastermind group Goodbye 9-to-5 to help women earn a full-time income from their businesses in 12 weeks or less.

And on a personal level, I followed my heart instead of caring about what people think of me. 

This included sending daily emails because I want to, calling out the haters and trolls, and refusing to put on a show for the sadness spectators while I grieved.

What are you proud of? 

Sound the trumpets and throw the confetti because the celebration starts NOW!

This is Day 1 of my annual 12 Days of Life Editing series where I share nuggets of wisdom as we count down the days until Christmas.

Watch the DAY 1 video to learn why you should ditch your yearly goals for a streamlined 12 week plan.

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How to Double Your Income In 12 Weeks

How to make BIG money with your business faster than you ever thought possible.