Total Value List | An Easy Way to Prove You’re Better Than Your Competitors

Here’s a good reminder to never compare yourself to other people’s businesses.

Recently in my Goodbye 9-to-5 program, one of the members was struggling with pricing her new group program as a high-ticket, premium offering.

She was getting confused and frustrated because a “big shot” leader in her field just released a similar product for the measly price of $70.

Now she was convinced that her offer needed to be even lower priced. This is why I say NEVER look at your competitors! 

But I had a trick up my sleeve to help my client see the value in her program so she could command a higher price that honors her time and effort.

I call it the “Total Value List.”

  • Write down all the items included in your program such as coaching, video calls, email access, worksheets, guidebooks, audio files, training videos, a private community, a membership portal, and more.
  • Assign a price to each item as if you were selling them individually. My client’s program has 60 exclusive worksheets so we imagined selling them for $3 each for a total of $180 value just for the worksheets.
  • Add up all the estimated prices for the items in your program to get the ultimate total value. Then add this list to your sales page, launch emails, marketing posts, and more.

The total value for my client’s program is $1751. WOW!!! 

She decided to sell it for $997 after realizing how much each part is worth.

What about that competitor with the $70 program? Her offer only had one webinar and a few non-customized worksheets—not high-value at all.

Thank goodness my client didn’t devalue work and sell her program at that cheap price.

You get what you pay for! Your clients deserve life-changing results from your high-ticket, high-value offer. 

This week, make your “Total Value List” for your program. It’s infinitely easier to sell an offer when you can prove it’s worth it.

Stand in your power and don’t cheapen yourself based on your so-called competitors.

Ready to own your worth? 

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