What’s Really Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals | The Truth About Perfectionism

This has been a sad, frustrating week for me . . . 

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or YouTube, then you might have seen my posts about dealing with an excessive amount of hate comments recently.

YouTube encourages its creators to produce “shorts” videos that are under 60 seconds, and since I’ve been doing that, the algorithm is somehow showing my content to people who are ABSOLUTELY NOT my ideal clients.

I block certain keywords, but these nasty people still find creative ways to harass me. I get about 10 nasty comments to every one nice comment. 

Every single day this past week, the haters and trolls have told me:

  • I’m fat, ugly, or unf*ckable (or all three!).
  • I suck, and specifically, I should suck their d*cks.
  • I should k*ll myself immediately.

As a su*cide attempt surviver, that last one is especially hurtful.

Now I’m losing time reporting hate accounts and deleting comments so my lovely Life Editor followers don’t see that negativity. They’re also “dislike” bombing my videos too so YouTube’s algorithm won’t suggest my videos as much, and my views are way down.

It’s exhausting, but I’m not going to let the trolls win.

I’m committed to sticking to my goal of publishing a video every day this year because I know I’m a great coach who has helped hundreds of women for nearly 12 years.

In fact, the trolls never criticize my work . . . because there’s nothing to say about the good advice they’re clearly not taking. The cognitive dissonance is staggering.

If you find value in my emails, videos, digital programs, or coaching, then I would appreciate it SO MUCH if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a nice comment.

Thank you for reading, and please send an email to sage@sagegrayson.com and let me know if you’re struggling with online harassment too. We need to support and love each other. 

OK, now onto today’s all-new video.

Watch this video to learn how perfectionism is sabotaging your success.

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