What Would You Do With a 3-Month Goals Action Plan?

Some how…when I was busy doing other things…or maybe when I was watching Netflix…or buying unnecessary office supplies…all the time in the world…disappeared.

And I know I say this every fall, but the year has flown by!

There are just 3 measly little months left of the year. I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me (and of course you are ‘cuz why else would you be here) then you’re feeling a bit time crunched.

Gosh, maybe I should really get myself together and do something big and meaningful before January. Like solve the world’s problems, end war, cure all diseases, and lift the spirits of every person on the planet.

Well, perhaps those particular goals are too lofty for a single person to handle.

But I have the power to change myself. And you have the power to reach your goals too.

The year ain’t over yet!

Three months is longer than you think, and you’d be surprised by how much you can check off your massive to-do list if you focus on what’s most important.

The best way I’ve found to get the right stuff done in the shortest amount of time is to create an action plan. What do you want to do, be, try, or achieve in the next 3 months?

It just so happens that a 3-Month Goals Action Plan is one of the tools I use with my clients during a VIP Day.

First, we brainstorm all the wonderful, delightful, happy things you want in any area of your life. Maybe 5 new clients? Or a healthy living plan? Or to save for a new house?

Next, we plug those goals into specific months. Which goal needs to be reached first? What ones should be done continuously?

Finally—and this is my favorite part—we break down every single goal or project into bite-sized, completely doable mini tasks. This keeps it easy for you to make progress every day without getting overwhelmed.

Do you regularly make action plans? If not, I invite you to work with me so we can design an action plan to get you moving for the next 3 months.

Be honest, you don’t want to look back on January 1 and feel disappointed that you didn’t try harder.

I’ve got 5 VIP Days spot open…is one of them yours?

Click here to get your VIP Day and let’s get started on your 3-Month Goals Action Plan!

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  1. Erika Swafford on October 6, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t even realize how close we are to the end of the year!

    I think I need to start framing my goals because I write them down and then I close my notebook, never to be seen again until 5 years later when I’m cleaning out my papers! I have so many “plans” that are usually more than I can actually do. If I were to pick ONE thing I’d like to get done by the end of the year it would be to grow my tribe. Or maybe finish the training course I’m putting together. Or finish redesigning my website….. 😉

    • Sage Grayson on October 7, 2015 at 11:42 am

      You’re right, we need to keep our goals and to-dos in front of us or else we’ll forget all about them! I think growing your tribe will make all your other business goals easier to achieve.