Watch This If You’re On the Fence About Joining Life Editor Academy

If you’re still reading these blog posts and watching my videos, then there’s a little voice inside you saying, “Wow, Life Editor Academy would be perfect for me!”

But you haven’t applied yet.

Something’s holding you back, and when that happens, it’s usually one of two reasons.

Either you feel like the program is out of your budget or you don’t feel capable of success.

Watch this short video for my tough love advice and learn why your self-doubts are exactly why you should join our group.

Like what you see? Join the fun in the Academy.

See you in the program!

PS, Got a question about Life Editor Academy? Send an email to and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Or check out the FAQs here.

PPS, TOMORROW is the last day to apply so don’t delay if Life Editor Academy feels like the perfect fit for you.