“The Best Thing I’ve Done to Improve My Life This Year…This Decade!”

This is just a heads-up that today is the last day to sign up for the live session of Life Editing for Beginners.

This 5-week group coaching program is a fun introduction to the Life Editing Process and we start TOMORROW!

I could go on and on about why I think life editing is super helpful and why you deserve to live your own authentic life story.

I’m your coach, and of course I want you to soar!

But instead, here are some compelling testimonials from Life Editors just like you who have achieved amazing results from the Life Editing for Beginners program.

Real Life Editor Testimonials

  • “This is one of the best things I’ve done to improve my life this year…this decade!” Erika Swafford, ErikaSwafford.com
  • “I realized around two and a half hours of my spare time is spent on the internet. No wonder I was feeling overwhelmed by the other parts of my to-do list! This course really taught me about structuring my days in the way I want them to play out and creating a balance so I’m not just constantly adding more to my schedule. There are so many highlights to the course—the calls, Sage’s videos, and the Facebook group full of like-minded women.” Georgie Bryant, Where the Light Plays
  • “Sometimes we just want to hear that it’s OK to focus on ME rather than worrying about everyone else! During Week 2 Delete Bad Influences, I made changes (some minor and some drastic!) and now my business is running more effectively and my personal relationships were saved. Sage provided excellent advice to confront challenges head on and supported me along the way. We can always make improvements, so I’m focusing on being the best I can be TODAY!” Karen Orlich, KO Kidz
  • “I was living a life full of busy-ness in between crashing waves of overwhelm. I learned how to dissect my habits, hijack them, and create habits to nourish and support my ideal life. My favorite part was sharing the experience with other wonderful women in the group, hearing their stories, and getting their feedback.” Kerryn Hewson, Colour Your Life

Read more testimonials HERE.

What will you edit in your life with a team of supportive women cheering you on?

If you’re ready to join us for 5 weeks of discovery and change, click here to sign up for Life Editing for Beginners.

You can do this, Life Editor!