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Life Editor’s Picks: Cozy Fall Day

I recently found the perfect fall quote: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” –Albert Camus What a beautiful way to describe my favorite season! This back-to-school time has always felt like a new beginning to me, and I love crunching through the leaves and smelling spiced apple cider, hayrides at…

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Life Editor’s Picks: Gratitude Grab Bag

Gratitude never seems like the “fun” part of life editing. Remembering to be thankful for all the tiny things that are going well in your life (sunshine! food to eat! didn’t punch out my boss!) can seem kind of boring. . . and maybe a little annoying. Some of my clients can’t help but roll…

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Life Editor’s Picks: Edit and Hustle

Entrepreneurs have a love-hate relationship with the word hustle. Type A personalities like me love to charge after what we want and revel in our ambition. To hustle is to live. But easygoing Type B folks get stressed out at the relentless go-go-go culture of online businesses. As one of my clients says, “I hate…

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