Life Editor’s Picks: Book Accessories

Every year I make the same goal: to read more books!

And most years I’m able to read just a little bit more than the year before. This year I’m even branching out beyond my usual self-development books and reading novels, memoirs, and graphic novels.

One thing that’s helped me boost my reading time is making sure I have everything I need to make it easy to sit down with a good book. Bookmarks, highlighters, proper lighting, and a delicious cup of tea (of course!) keeps my reading time extra enjoyable.

If you’re looking to read more this year, then check out these literary goodies.

Here are my top picks for brilliant book accessories.

1. Mildliners. For those of you who enjoy taking notes and marking your favorite passages, these pastel highlighters won’t bleed through the pages.

2. Cats and Books Enamel Pin Set. The purr-fect combination!

3. LED Neck Reading Light. So much more convenient than the ones that clip to your books. No more having to re-clip your light with every page turn.

4. Personal Library Kit. If you’re going to lend your books to friends and family, then you better have a way to track who’s got what!

5. Book Lover Keychain. “Just one more chapter” is the preferred affirmation of all readers everywhere.

6. Library Card Mug. An adorable way to show your devotion to your local library.

7. Magnetic Bookmarks. These beautiful bookmarks really stay put and brighten up the pages.

8. Portable Reading Stand. A must-have for students and chefs.

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