Not a Happy Camper

It’s taken a while, but nature and I have come to an understanding. I won’t bother nature if it won’t bother me.

You know that I’m a super organized, systematic, analytical, slightly high-strung, Type A personality. And I’m proud to be Type A!

That is, I am now.

But I spent most of my life trying to be an easy going Type B girl who would frolic in fields of wild flowers and sing songs in the woods under the full moon with her hippie friends. Why couldn’t I just relax and be one with nature?

I guess we all want what we don’t have, right?

There was the time refused to go camping with my Girl Scout troop because I was convinced I’d be eaten by bears. No merit badge for me.

There was the time I went to adult summer camp and nearly had a panic attack when I realized I’d be sleeping on a damp wooden plank. Don’t get me started on the spiders.

There were the multiple times I ran away from my abusive family as a child, only to return home when I couldn’t take another minute of being outdoors.


I’m not cut out to be an adventurous go-getter who loves to hike up mountains and kayak dangerous waters and considers mosquito bites badges of honor.

Does that mean I can’t work on my self-development?

Does that mean I can’t improve my life if I don’t struggle or suffer to “find myself”?

Heck no!

I’m a Life Editor, and I can make tiny edits to become the ideal version of myself…even if that means I do it in high heels and in a swanky air-conditioned hotel.

I designed my live event Life Editor Weekend to be the perfect escape for Type A Life Editors who like to be taken care of.

We may be uptight, but that doesn’t mean we’re hopeless.

If you’re ready for some luxury, lounging, and life editing, then I invite you to join me for 4 days of digging deep as you design your perfect life, business, relationships, finances, health, and more.

Click here to get your ticket and join the (mostly indoor) fun.

And I promise, the only bears you’ll see will be teddy bears at the pajama party. 🙂