Manifesting Made Easy | Book Club Discussion

Most of my clients want to reach their goals fast . . . like, ASAP!

Just strap a rocket to their back, aim them towards the finish line, and light that fuse.

Of course, I have to say coach-y things like “it will take time” and “be consistent and patient,” but when it comes down to it, there ARE things you can do speed up the process.

Yes, some of it is swallowing your pride and doing the hard work, but I like to boost my success with a little manifesting magic (which just happens to be our theme for this month).

Positive thinking, affirmations, scripting, and the law of attraction all play a role in your success. At the very least, you can trick your mind into feeling more hopeful about the future.

And in the best case scenario, you can manifest your desires quicker than a highly caffeinated Life Editor.

Watch this video for the easiest way to shift your mindset and manifest what you want. 

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