Life Editor’s Picks: Totally 80s!

Growing up in the 80s was a wild time: the hair was bigger, the makeup was louder, and everything had an exuberant energy bursting out of it.

Sure, I love modern conveniences like online shopping and streaming shows, but a small part of me misses the simple days before social media.

The only way to talk with your friends was to hang out after school or invite them to spend the night. Now it’s so easy to send off a text that you might go days without interacting with another human being.

This week, I challenge you to get creative and get offline as much as possible. Host a game night, play old Madonna records, and watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Here are my top picks for reliving your totally 80s dreams!

1. 80s Laptop Sleeve. Your computer might be high-tech, but your carrying case is old-school.

2. Care Bears Funko POP! I’ve started a collection of these little figurines (in addition to my massive mug collection), and it’s nice having a sweet friend on my desk while I work.

3. Garfield Mood Mug. Oh Garfield, I feel ya! Mondays are tough no matter what decade you’re in.

4. 1980s Fashion Sticker Book. Time to whip out your Hammer pants and shoulder pads and do the Electric Slide!

5. Video Cassette Notebook. I had bookshelves full of these plastic cases storing all the shows I taped off the TV (mostly Jem and the Holograms).

6. Like Totally 80s Pop Culture Trivia Game. I spent many sleepovers playing board games with my friends. This was pre-internet so our options were limited. Definitely bringing this out when I need a break from technology.

7. Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies. Adding this funny self-help book to my “To Be Read” list!

8. Shiny Metallic Scrunchies. Out of all the 80s fads and trends, I never in a million years thought scrunchies would be back in style, but here we are.

9. 80s Leggings. Wear these radical pants while you lounge on the couch watching 80s rom-coms.

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