Life Editor’s Picks: Thank You Cards

Call me old-fashioned, but I still send thank you cards whenever I receive a gift.

Our mailboxes seldom contain anything more thrilling than bills and sale flyers, so discovering a little gem of thanks is a welcomed surprise.

Your thank you cards can reflect your unique personality, compliment your business branding, or be simple and refined. But the most important thing to consider is to just send them!

Share your gratitude with your loved ones by thanking them for a present, noticing a kind action, or telling a story that illustrates how much you appreciate them.

Here are my top picks for cute thank you cards.

1. Bold Multicolored Thank You Cards. When you want your gratitude to really stand out!

2. Unicorn Thank You Stickers. An inspired touch for kids and those who remain young at heart.

3. Navy Blush Floral Thank You Cards. Elegant, classic, and not overly girlie.

4. Gold And Watercolor Thank You Cards. This all-in-one set would make a beautiful gift for a wedding or baby shower.

5. Boho Thank You Cards. Send these notes to your friend who loves crystals and essential oils.

6. Thank You Stickers Roll. The sweetest little seal for your envelopes and other business wrappings.

7. Retro Geometric Thank You Cards. Because unlike bellbottom pants, gratitude never goes out of style!

8. Magenta Thank You Seals. The gold foil makes a classy impression.

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