Life Editor’s Picks: Terrific Timers

The best productivity tactic I use is free or inexpensive and keeps me racing through my to-do list: it’s timers!

My clients are always surprised when I suggest they get a cute timer for their desks or timer app for their phones because it seems too good to be true.

Can something so easy really make a difference in your productivity? YES!!!

Why timers are your “get ‘er done” secret weapon

  • They create an underlying sense of urgency so you subconsciously race the clock.
  • They keep you honest about how much time you’re spending on your important projects…or scrolling through social media.
  • They gently guide you back to your work when your mind starts to wander.
  • They add fun and play to your otherwise drab workspace!

My workdays would be disorganized messes if I didn’t use timers all day to stay on track.

How to use a timer for your work

  • First, set a timer for how long you thing a task will take, let’s say 30 minutes to write a blog post.
  • Then, focus on the task at hand and try to complete it before the buzzer.
  • If you finish before the timer goes off, then set the timer for a few minutes faster next time. If you don’t finish before the timer goes off, then slightly extend the time until you have an accurate idea of how long that task will take.
  • Remember to use a timer for your white space activities such as reading or exercising. Even 10 minutes of self-care counts!

Ready to supercharge your to-do list? Get some timers and get moving!

Here are my picks for terrific timers.

1. Apple Kitchen Timer. An apple a day keeps your manager off your back.

2. Pineapple Kitchen Timer. Too sweet! This happy face will brighten up your desk while you work.

3. The Miracle TimeCube Timer. Set the number side up for the length of time you need.

4. Pink Leopard LED Book Light with Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer. A perfect option for bookworms.

5. Champion Sports Stopwatch. For you sporty Life Editors.

6. 10 Minute Sand Timer. This reminds me of playing board games as a kid.

7. Seconds Interval Timer. My favorite new app! Create multiple timers, choose music or alert sounds, change the color of each interval, and more.

8. Magnetic Kitchen Timer. Using a timer is sort of an old fashioned idea, just like this retro timer.

9. Cat Kitchen Timer. This cat will sit nicely on your desk as opposed to a real cat who will knock everything off your desk.

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