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Life Editor’s Picks: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for my annual Holiday Gift Guide! Make yourself a cup of cocoa, grab your coziest blanket, and snuggle up to enjoy my picks for seasonal gifts that are gorgeous, functional, and easy on your wallet. I like to choose a mix of editorial gifts (the journals and planners), organizers (pill case), and…

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Life Editor’s Picks: Gratitude Grab Bag

Gratitude never seems like the “fun” part of life editing. Remembering to be thankful for all the tiny things that are going well in your life (sunshine! food to eat! didn’t punch out my boss!) can seem kind of boring. . . and maybe a little annoying. Some of my clients can’t help but roll…

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Life Editor’s Picks: Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and there are only a few days left to get the perfect presents for the Life Editors in your life. OK, let’s be honest. You’re buying gifts for yourself! Don’t forget about your white space (self-care) this December when you’re running around to holiday parties, wrapping gifts, shoveling snow,…

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Editor’s Notebook 136

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy! What I’m Loving This Week Stephen Covey, Put First Things First (Big Rocks). A fun visual reminder to leave room in your life for the important things. “The Silence Breakers” Time…

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Life Editor’s Picks: Smell You Later

I’m a huge fan of “The Simpsons,” and I often find myself quoting the characters’ many catchphrases. Local bully, Nelson Muntz, forgoes the usual “goodbyes” in favor of the personal-space-invading “Smell you later!” OK, so I don’t go around sniffing my friends and family…much, but I do enjoy beautiful smells that inspire or motivate me.…

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