Life Editor’s Picks: Astrology Treats

I’ve been into astrology, crystals, and spiritual practices since I was a little girl.

My 12-year-old self decorated my bedroom with plastic glow-in-the-dark stars and more tie-dyed glittery candles than I could count.

One memorable summer, my friends and I got our fortunes read by a bead-wearing palm reader. What was my destiny? To have 3 red-haired boys.

Yeah, not so much.

But whether or not you believe in all this new age hocus pocus, it’s still fun to imagine how the celestial forces of the universe are designing your fate.

Here are my picks for some out-of-this-world astrology treats.

1. Time to Shine Dot Grid Journal. Track the moon phases, map out your birth chart, or design your plans to take over the universe in this adorable bullet journal.

2. Aries Mug. Represent your sign while you contemplate your existence over your morning cup of coffee.

3. Astrology for Wellness. Learn how to boost your self-care according to your sign’s unique traits.

4. Essie luxeffects nail polish. Let the stars twinkle in the sky . . . and on your nails!

5. Zodiac Constellation Pendant Necklace. A pretty way to represent your sign and your birthstone.

6. Zodiac Key Chain. Show off the quirky things that make you YOU.

7. Mercury is In Retrograde Canvas Tote Bag. Honestly, this is my excuse for everything.

8. Zodiac Horoscope Shirt. Wear your heart on your sleeve, or your sign on your chest!

9. Astrological Oracle Cards. For those times when you need some heavenly advice.

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