Life Editor Academy is Back! Here’s What’s New for 2021

Got a minute? Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What if . . . “

What if your life didn’t have to feel like such a disorganized, rough draft?

What if you could make positive changes to become the best YOU . . .

  • Without feeling so overwhelmed and burned out that you just want to scream?
  • Without crumbling up your old life and throwing it in the trash like a piece of paper?
  • Without struggling on your own with no direction or support?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were someplace you could get all the encouragement, advice, and breakthroughs you need to step into the next chapter of your life?

There is. Life Editor Academy is waiting for you!

It’s where you can take control and edit your beautiful life story just how you always dreamed it could be.

Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes peek at the Academy.

Life Editor Academy is a group mastermind program for ambitious women who want to edit their lives and reach their BIG goals.

Life Editor Academy Includes

  • A 5-Month Mastermind Group to help you edit every area of your life. From health to home, family to finances, business to busy-ness, we tackle it all!
  • 10 Private Coaching Calls with Sage to dive deep into your specific situation and challenges.
  • 5 Monthly Group Coaching Calls to share your progress and get support from your Academy sisters.
  • 5 Monthly Themed Retreats (virtual). This is your chance to bond with everyone and map out your goals.
  • An Optional Monthly Book Club for extra editing and discussion.
  • Accountability Partners to Support You. We switch partners every month so you can get a new perspective and get to know everyone personally.
  • A Private Membership Site and Facebook Group to encourage each other, do monthly exercises, ask questions, and get advice.

Ready to start your next chapter? Apply for Life Editor Academy.

What if . . . this is what you’ve been waiting for?