Life Editing for Beginners Closes Today | Join Us!

This is it! Life Editing for Beginners starts tomorrow. Are you in?

I created the LEFB program because I wanted to show ambitious women that they could edit their lives the same way book editors edit their manuscripts.

What can I say? I’m still a book nerd at heart. 🙂

My years in the publishing world showed me that no matter how bad our situations seem, there are always things we can do to take control and make changes.

A rough draft can be polished.

A messy life can be edited.

Life Editors fix what they’ve been given.

That’s the best part about being a Life Editor: you don’t throw your life in the trash just because it’s not perfect. We know there are good things within the mess.

Here are the REAL RESULTS you can expect when you apply the tools and practices in Life Editing for Beginners:

  • You’ll make choices about who and what you want in your life.
  • You’ll adopt a foolproof system to create good habits that stick.
  • You’ll make time for weekly, monthly, and yearly self-care activities.
  • You’ll develop a profound gratitude practice to help you build on the energy of the good things you already have in your life.
  • You’ll streamline your routine and adopt systems that can save you hours of time every week.
  • You’ll break down all your huge, unmanageable projects into bite-sized tasks to make noticeable progress toward your goals every single day.
  • You’ll be supported by a team of cheerleading Life Editors (and new best friends) in our Facebook group. There’s no going it alone!
  • You’ll develop a sense of control and order in your life.
  • You’ll learn a simple, repeatable process to continually edit your life no matter what comes your way in the future.

You CAN have the life you’ve always dreamed about . . . and it doesn’t involve quitting your job, divorcing your spouse, moving across the country, winning the lottery, or throwing away your current life.

Life editing isn’t about being perfect. It’s about making tiny edits to live your authentic life story.

The Life Editing for Beginners program starts tomorrow with 29 detailed video lessons, 17 beautifully designed workbook, weekly email prompts, interactive weekly group calls, a private Facebook community, and loads of support from other Life Editors just like you.

Click here to join Life Editing for Beginners.

See you in the program!

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