Last Day to Join Startup In 60!

All good things must come to an end, and it’s time for me to wrap up my launch and close the doors to my new time management group program, Startup In 60.

This is fantastic news!

This means that Week 1 of the program begins tomorrow, so you’re less than 24 hours away from learning my secrets to become the master of your time while building an online business.

If you haven’t signed up, what’s holding you back?

It can feel scary to join a program and basically tell yourself and the world that you’re going to start your own business. That’s not what most of us were taught growing up.

We learned that we’re supposed to feel lucky to land any kind of job for any kind of company. Work 9-to-5 and come home exhausted every night. Who are we to say that’s not good enough?

But the world is changing in wonderful new ways!

It’s easier than ever to start a business even while you have a hundred other responsibilities and obligations in your life. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean neglecting your spouse, kids, parents, education, day job, groups and committees, your health, or anything else.

It’s about balancing all the areas of your life so that you can follow your dreams.

And the way you do that is by taking control of your time. This is possible for you!

I designed Startup In 60 to help you make progress on your business every day no matter if you have a full hour of time to devote to it or only a single minute.

If you’re still hesitating, be sure to watch the video “What to Do When You’re Scared Out of Your Mind” on the sales page.

Doors close tonight, Sunday, May 10 at 11:59 pm Eastern.

Click here to join Startup In 60.

Let’s edit your business!

Got a question for me about this program? Please send an email to and use the subject line “Startup In 60.”