It’s Never Too Late to Start | How to Finally Reach Your Goals This Year

Many years ago when I was a book editor, I was insanely jealous of the woman who worked in the cubicle across from me.

She was more talented than me! She got promoted before me! She bought a house before me!

And worst of all, she was younger than me. 

I felt like I was playing catch-up for most of my life, and this woman made me feel even further behind in every aspect of my life and career.

And how decrepit and elderly was I? Just 24 years old.

Thank goodness I eventually stopped feeling so insecure about my accomplishments and where I thought I should be in life.

Worried that you’re past your prime? You have so much more life to live!

Watch today’s video for a motivational pick-me-up so you can follow your dreams no matter how old you are.

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