How to Use the Placebo Effect to Get What You Want | 5 Friday Edits

Let me share a funny little story of how I’ve used the placebo effect in my life.

When I was in elementary school, I had this weird routine where I would eat a bunch of Smarties candies at the start of recess because I thought they were magic pills that would make me run faster.

OK, so maybe it was the sugar pumping me up, but I always seemed to be more energetic on those days when I ate Smarties. I should probably start training Olympic athletes as a side job.

More likely, what I was experiencing was the placebo effect.

In medical care, this is when a treatment with no therapeutic value gives the patient beneficial results. A placebo is a literal sugar pill, much like my Smarties.

It’s time for our 5 Friday Edits, and in today’s video I’m challenging you to use placebos in your own life because your mind is your most powerful resource.

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