How to Use SMART Goals for Success (With Examples!)

It’s been a decade since I spent my days as a book editor cleaning up medical textbook manuscripts and proofreading what felt like millions (billions?) of newsletters, podcast scripts, and teaching manuals.

But even though my book editor days are long behind me, I still find myself reaching for my trusty red pen. So what am I crossing out, deleting, and rewriting?

My clients’ goals!

It’s a shock for many of my clients when they realize that the reason they’re not reaching their goals isn’t because of laziness or boredom.

The true culprit is the wording of their goals being too vague to be helpful.

Thankfully, a little editing is all they need. Like real editing editing, not just life editing.

In today’s video, you’ll learn how to edit your wimpy goals into powerful SMART Goals that keep you motivated and energized.

In This Video

  • What are SMART Goals and why don’t most people achieve their goals.
  • How the words you use determine whether or not you’ll be successful.
  • The 5 components of a SMART Goal (with examples!).
  • Other kinds of goals to try for your personality.

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