Everyone Told Me I Was Wrong

When you put yourself out there and let the world see all the vulnerable bits that make up the real you . . . well, you’re bound to attract some naysayers.

Four years ago, I was surrounded by people who thought they knew my business better than me.

The generic “live your dreams!” style of coaching wasn’t attracting paying clients, and I couldn’t help feeling like a watered-down version of what a life coach was supposed to look like.

My big idea for turning around my struggling business was to combine my past experiences as a book editor with my love of helping ambitious women.

It made sense to my nerdy Type A mind, you know?

But my entrepreneurial friends and mentors had other thoughts:

  • “Stop talking about your book editing days and position yourself solely as a life coach. The past doesn’t matter.”
  • “Medical textbook editing? So boring! That has nothing to do with self-development.”
  • “You’re too high-strung. Relax your style or you’ll scare your clients.”
  • “Type A coaches don’t exist. People want hippie dippy spiritual leaders.”

And probably the most hurtful comment:


In fact, 2 extremely successful business coaches told me separately that I was nuts for being so raw and open. A life coach must be a perfect example to her followers and NEVER, EVER admit that she didn’t have it all figured out.

So I pushed my “Life Editor” plan to the back of my mind and waited . . .

. . . and waited . . .

. . . and waited . . .

For 6 months my business limped along without a clear direction or engaging message, all because I let other people shame me for wanting to embrace my past.

But I knew in my heart that I didn’t need to throw my old life and experiences in the trash and become a whole new (fake) person.

What I needed was an edited business.

So over the course of 2 days (and a lot of coffee) the Life Editor was born!

I rebranded my entire business top to bottom to combine the skills I learned while editing books with my unique brand of “flaws and all” coaching.

And it worked! My followers felt like I was finally speaking directly to them instead of spouting all the fluffy nonsense like I used to do.

My next step was to develop an online course to lead my new Life Editors through the process of editing their lives and businesses without the shame, guilt, or overwhelm they may have been feeling.

Life Editing for Beginners is a group coaching program for women who are ready to clean up their lives, save time, nurture themselves, and get stuff done.

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Life Editing for Beginners is back!

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