All Your Life Editing for Beginners Questions Answered!

We’re just a few days away from the start of Life Editing for Beginners, and it feels like the seconds are ticking away at a snail’s pace.

And apparently some of you are dancing with anticipation too because I’ve been fielding questions on social media and email all week.

In the interest of saving time and making this simple (Life Editors like easy!), I rounded up all of your most common questions about this group program so you don’t miss any of the details.

PS, Got a question I didn’t answer below? Send an email to and I’ll respond ASAP.

I’ve done Life Editing for Beginners before. What’s new this year?

The biggest change this year is that Life Editing for Beginners is separate from the SILVER level Life Editor Clubhouse subscription. That way I can add bigger bonuses and more exclusive content.

This year you get these NEW additions:

  • 7 All-New Videos to walk you through every step of the Life Editing Process. That’s 28 videos total!
  • More Than 7 Hours of Call Recordings from previous live sessions so you can learn from the experiences of other Life Editors who have completed the program.
  • 1 VIP Ticket to the Life Editor Weekend Event here in sunny Orlando, Florida, in September 2017! A $500 value.
  • Lifetime Access so you can edit your life as often as it changes.

When is the next live group session?

The next live group session starts January 30, 2017. It runs for 5 weeks, focusing on a new step of the Life Editing Process each week.

Content Schedule

  • Week 1: Create a Foundation
  • Week 2: Delete Bad Influences
  • Week 3: Add Good Habits and Routines
  • Week 4: Rearrange Everything Into a Perfect Flow
  • Week 5: Make White Space for Personal Self-Care

I’m crazy busy right now! What if I can’t keep up?

No worries! Once you pay, you’ll get immediate access to all your videos, worksheets, and resources in one place so you can go through the program at your own pace. You can even listen to the group call recordings when it’s convenient for you.

Will Life Editing for Beginners help me if I want to start my own business?

Yes! When you’re trying to get your business off the ground, you’ll be more productive and less stressed if your life is edited. The techniques and practices you’ll learn in Life Editing for Beginners will help you set up your work day so you’re using your time efficiently, make self-care a priority so you can be there for your clients and customers, and help you cut out draining activities so that your business can thrive.

Many participants of the previous sessions launched their businesses during the program and really took advantage of the supportive community of women in the private Facebook group.

We’re all in this together, and the world needs more female entrepreneurs!

I’m debating between doing Life Editing for Beginners and private one-on-one coaching with you. Which is better?

It really depends on your goals and the type of support you’re looking for. Life Editing for Beginners offers support and guidance from me and your fellow participants in the private Facebook group. Everyone receives the same tools and trainings so you can share your thoughts on each step and learn from each other.

If you’re looking for individualized attention for your specific needs, private coaching may be a better option. Through one-on-one calls with me, you’ll get advice for your unique situation without having to “share” me with a group. Private clients also receive unlimited email support and Quarterly Care Packages.

What’s the return on investment?

I mentioned all the fabulous results you can expect from the program, but what goals would you need to achieve for this program to be worth it to you?

I’m not a magician or Fairy Godmother (darn!) so I can’t guarantee specific results. As with most things in life, you get what you put into it. So let’s think about that—what kind of effort have you been giving to your dreams lately? How happy are you with where you’re at?

Perhaps the better question is, “What will happen if you don’t make changes now?”

Maybe more of the same: stressful work days, no time for the people or activities that are important to you, and declining health and well-being.

Let’s change that.

Life Editing for Beginners is a group coaching program full of nurturing, gratitude, productivity, and strategic planning. It’s perfect for women who are ready to clean up their lives, save time, nurture themselves, and get stuff done.

The next live session with weekly emails, weekly group calls, a private Facebook community, and loads of support starts on Monday, January 30.

CLICK HERE for all the details and join today.

This is your sign! You got this. 🙂