8 Strategies to Make Your First Life Coaching Session a Success

A life coaching session is an essential first step on the path to personal growth; however, it can be stressful when you’re a new coach and don’t know what to expect.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically and gather any necessary tools and resources. You can also set up lightweight portable trade show booths to meet more clients and answer their questions for the first time.

Here are 6 strategies to make your first life coaching session a success.

Encourage Your Client to Talk More

Encourage your client to talk more about themselves. Asking questions helps them open up and be comfortable speaking with you, but they’ll need you to listen to before they’ll trust you. It’s difficult for people who’ve been ignored or talked about their whole lives to open up easily, so be patient.

Ask Your Client Probing Questions

Ask your client probing questions such as, “What do you want to change about your life?” and “What makes you happy or unhappy right now?” These questions give you a good idea of how committed they are and whether continuing coaching is the right choice for both parties.

Explore Your Client’s Psychology and Mindset

Explore your client’s psychology and mindset by asking them questions such as, “How do you think the future will unfold for you?” or “What are your current beliefs about yourself?” These types of discussions help determine what kind of coaching they might need.

Reassure Your Client of Any Anxieties They May Have

Reassure your client of any anxieties they may have by explaining there are no right or wrong answers. Create a safe space for people’s thoughts and feelings to be expressed openly without judgment. This will give you an idea of what the client is struggling with, so you can determine the type of coaching method that will work best.

Help Them Identify Obstacles

Once you’ve got a sense of how they’re feeling, help them figure out what’s getting in the way or holding them back from reaching their goals. Sometimes people are so stuck on one issue it prevents them from seeing the bigger picture and moving forward.

Unlock Your Client’s Motivation

Unlock your client’s motivation by helping them identify their values and how these values align with their goals. Determine the cause of any blocks or obstacles standing in their way to focus on solving those problems.

Allow Your Client to Express Emotions Without Judgment

Allow your client to express their emotions without judgment or criticism. Let them open up and be comfortable talking with you to develop a trusting relationship.

Acknowledge Positive Changes

Always acknowledge any positive changes they’ve made during your session and encourage them to keep moving forward, whether on their own or in a longer coaching package.

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