5 Building Blocks of a Great Online Brand

Online businesses must put a lot of thought into branding, that is, the public perception of the business, its reputation, its mission, and its image.

Your online brand isn’t a single thing to buy or make, but develops over time through your content, marketing, and customer service.

Here are 5 building blocks of a great online brand.

Understand Your Market

Your brand must communicate your value, so research your target market to understand who they are, what their needs are, and how to communicate to them. Also, understanding your competitors helps you differentiate your business from them.

Share Your Story

Your brand story makes your brand sell and appeal to your audience so they understand your business. It’s a unique selling proposition or niche and can also be a personal story if you market your business as “organic” or “homemade.”

Build an Online Headquarters

Your website is your business’s online headquarters, so consider no-code websites with drag-and-drop features to quickly set up your site. Your website should showcase your brand style because you have control of the space.

Create Content

Content significantly builds your brand by demonstrating your expertise. You can strengthen your branding with an in-house content style such as a focus on specific problems or unique writing style. Social media management tools organize, schedule, and publish your content across a range of platforms.

Use a Cross-Medium Approach

Consider hiring a graphic designer to create visual elements like a logo and color scheme. Apply these branding visuals across different mediums with a brand style guide.

Your business must live up to your brand promise or you’ll break your customers’ trust.

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