40 Reasons to Join the Life Editor Clubhouse

My 40th birthday celebration is rolling on, and in a perfect world, I’d be having the time of my life at one of my self-care retreats with all my friends.

Hangin’ by the pool, eating all the best snacks, and designing beautiful life plans.

Although I will host virtual retreats later this year, I still have a place to hang out with other ambitious ladies who know that the tiniest changes add up to the biggest results.

Thank goodness for the Life Editor Clubhouse! It’s your ultimate community for self-development growth and business strategies. Keeping reading for more reasons to check out the Clubhouse.

Reminder: My annual Birthday Sale runs through Friday, February 19, 2021.

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Today, let’s get a behind-the-scenes peek at my favorite place to connect with my fellow Life Editors.

40 reasons to join the Life Editor Clubhouse

  1. Watch 40+ video classes you can’t see anywhere else
  2. Enjoy 30+ group call recordings for exclusive strategies and learn from your fellow Life Editors.
  3. Download 3 printable planners for organizing your life, business, blog, social media, and more.
  4. Enjoy 25+ printable worksheets (including 15 you can’t find anywhere else).
  5. Access 4 digital guidebooks including From Lazy to Amazing, How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life, Face Your Fear, and the Productivity Power Pack.
  6. Join our private Facebook group for weekly group calls and added accountability.
  7. Speak with Sage directly during our weekly livestream group calls and bonus calls for Clubhouse members.
  8. Deep dive into the 5 step Life Editing Process for cleaning up your life just like how a book editor edits a manuscript.
  9. Stop hitting the snooze alarm in the morning because you’re super excited to jump out of bed and watch another video class.
  10. Embrace self-paced learning where you can watch and class in any order depending on your personal needs and goals.
  11. Learn how to manage your anxiety in productive ways instead of lashing out at your boss or burning out.
  12. Organize every area of your life more efficiently from health to home, from food to finances, and much more.
  13. Figuring out exactly what you want out of life despite what other people may want for you.
  14. Benefit from Sage’s 10 years of life coaching experience
  15. Overcome procrastination, fear, and burnout with simple edits that don’t take a lot of time, money, or energy.
  16. No prerequisites or hoops to jump through for any class or resource. There are no “have to”s in the Clubhouse
  17. Grow your struggling business and hone in on marketing strategies that really work.
  18. Appreciate the finer aspects of “life editing” instead of going for a “total makeover.”
  19. Sleep soundly every night because you know you’re making positive changes in your life.
  20. Wake up every day with a sense of purpose and drive.
  21. Move forward on all your big goals by breaking down projects into manageable chunks.
  22. Check things off your to-do list like a supercharged go-getter.
  23. Finally do the things you never made time for in the past, and feel like you’re becoming the best version of yourself.
  24. Let go of perfectionism and doubt and embrace all the beautiful things that make you YOU.
  25. Dump your excuses and anything else that holds you back from success.
  26. Mark off completed classes to track your progress and never lose your place.
  27. Use the new video controls to speed up, slow down, and pause to your heart’s content.
  28. New content is added weekly so you’ll keep learning advanced life editing techniques to grow.
  29. Stay connected with your Life Editor community so you don’t have to go it alone.
  30. Find accountability partners with similar goals in our Facebook group.
  31. Share progress, ask questions, and get support in the comment sections for every class.
  32. Implement what you learn with printable Action Plans for every class.
  33. Become a pro at “deleting,” or removing toxic people from your life, saying no to things that drain you, and delegating tasks that aren’t your responsibility.
  34. Clear up the confusion around pricing your products and services so you can earn what you’re worth without alienating your customers.
  35. Learn how to shrink your to-do list by letting go of low-priority tasks.
  36. Quickstart guides to point you in the right direction if you don’t know what your goals are yet.
  37. Set strong boundaries in all your relationships so you maintain your energy and focus.
  38. Request new classes and have input on the content that appears in the Clubhouse. This is your community.
  39. Absolutely no risk and no long-term commitment. Cancel your monthly subscription at any time.
  40. Embrace failure and roll with the punches like a true Life Editor!

Use the code BDAY to get 40% off your monthly subscription when you join the Life Editor Clubhouse.