3 Renovation Ideas to Bump Up Your House Value

Your home is an investment, and the more love, care, and attention you put into it, the more you’ll get out. 

Renovation work is a great way to take care of your home and increase its value. Whether you make these renovations yourself or hire someone to do the work, the quality and result of your project will give you and your family years of comfort.

Regular maintenance and good quality work will increase your house’s value over time and improve the reputation of your community.

Here are 3 renovation ideas to bump up your house value.

Landscape Your Garden

Having a landscaped green space is the crown jewel of property value. A garden can also be the most intimidating part of the home because it’s a lot of work.

Landscaping your garden can be a fun summertime project once you understand what you’re doing.

Simple but effective approaches include using low-maintenance plants like shrubs or bushes or growing some grass. For those not interested in plants, installing a patio will transform the space for the outdoor use. 

Be Energy Friendly 

By investing in the quality of insulation in your home, you’ll create a cozy space to live in and save money on your energy bills.

To improve the insulation, consider the quality of your roof. By contacting commercial roofing contractors, you can identify any issues and make the necessary improvements. 

Making adjustments to your roofing can be expensive, but sealing up those gaps and fixing leaks makes your home more energy efficient and will save money in the long-run. 

If you chose not to invest in your roof work now, then you run the risk of creating even more expensive work later on and bringing down the value of your house. 

While it may sound difficult to be energy efficient while you’re doing maintenance on your home, it’s definitely possible! There are a variety of tools that won’t run up your energy bill such as circular saw blades. This handy tool will help you out whenever you’re having to tear down build areas in your home, this can include doing a DIY on some furniture as well. In general you’re going to want to maintain having efficient appliances that are energy saving, regardless if they’re only going to be used sparingly or not.

Another way you can  be energy friendly at home is by checking your window seals annually. You’ll want to make sure the window casings in your home are keeping air out, meaning there is no air entering or exiting your home. Older seals from windows can leak as they eventually deteriorate. This is going to cause your power bills to go up, especially if it’s something that continues to go unnoticed.

If possible, try to look into the window each and every year, preferably before winter time (when energy bills are at their highest). You can either inspect them or hire something to do the job for you. You’ll need to look for visible signs such as broken seals, cracks, or if you feel any air coming in. These seals can cause a lot of damage to your walls, but overall it can heavily impact your home. So it’s absolutely crucial that this gets checked out each year. 

Finish Things Well

When renovating your house, it’s easy to start one project and then leave it to work on others, whether because of money, availability of contractors, or project problems.

Loose ends must be tied up before you have your house valued. Keep your standards high because finishing projects in a rush results in low quality work that brings down the value of your property. Finish all your renovation projects well. 

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