3 Generous Ways Your Business Can Give Back

US businesses love to give back to society, and 41% contribute towards natural disasters like hurricanes while 31% focus on charities outside the country.

Most US companies see the benefits of giving back to the society. If you’re a business owner who’s unsure how to get started giving back, here are 3 simple ideas you can implement quickly.

Provide Pro Bono Services

Pro bono means providing your professional services for free and not expecting any monetary payment. Fortunately, more businesses understand the significance of giving back to society through pro bono services. It’s no longer just for the legal community. Identify the specific service to provide for free, and organize your staff with the requisite skills to offer those services in specific cases.

You could also draw up a roster where all interested staff can offer free help without affecting company productivity. According to Forbes magazine, businesses that give pro bono services help their employees feel fulfilled, and the community benefiting from the free services becomes loyal to the business involved.

Share Your Profits With the Community

Giving back through monetary means is more than signing a check and donating it. Pinpoint the various groups in your community that need financial help, such as pumping money into a local diner to revitalize it. You have a responsibility to ensure the money you’re offering is put to good use. 

You may work with a philanthropic organization with defined goals and targets. Regardless of how well-structured these groups may appear, review how your financial resources are put to use. This is important in an era where money laundering has become a problematic global issue.

It explains why personalities like Jorge Hank Rhon strongly support giving back to groups with identifiable causes. In the United States, more than 6% of established businesses give back to society through verifiable charities.

Donate Meals

Meal donations are especially important with the recent pandemic. Consider catering lunch in less-privileged neighborhoods or for healthcare workers. About 40% of US businesses gave back to society through meal donations.

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