Which Life Editor Are You? (And Why It Matters)

One thing I love about my Life Editing Process is that the coaching framework can be applied to so many different types of goals.

It doesn’t cram you into a restrictive model or force you to be someone you’re not. Remember, us Life Editors don’t throw away our whole lives just because something’s not working. Your life is not a crumpled piece of paper!

Just like book editors, we are deliberate. Word by word, page by page, chapter by chapter. We care about the little details, the little wins.

Life Editors are usually at a place in their lives where they’re ready to make changes but they don’t want to uproot their whole lives doing so.

Common goals include losing weight, organizing your home, setting boundaries in relationships, starting a business from scratch, creating morning and evening routines, shifting mindset blocks, and earning money through meaningful work.

Let’s uncover your true life editing superpower! Which one of these Life Editors sounds like you?

Entrepreneur Editor

  • GOAL: To earn more money and grow her business.
  • FEARS: Burnout and product launches that flop.
  • VALUES: Helping her clients, loved ones, and self feel successful.

Side Hustle Sister

  • GOAL: Wants step-by-step guides to start her business.
  • FEARS: Spending too much time “researching” instead of taking action.
  • VALUES: Wants something more than her usual everyday life.

Multi-Talented Go-Getter

  • GOAL: To engage all her interests and be creative.
  • FEARS: Starting projects but never finishing them.
  • VALUES: Freedom to choose her direction and try everything.

Self-Development Seeker

  • GOAL: To become the best version of herself.
  • FEARS: Not living up to her full potential.
  • VALUES: Living in an atmosphere of growth, compassion, and community.

Do any of these Life Editors sound like you? Yes? Then you’re totally in the right place and the Clubhouse is a good fit for you.

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