What to Give Your Employees This Christmas

The holiday season is nearly here, so consider what you’ll do this year for your employees.

They work hard for you and your business and deserve something extra. Happy employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay motivated, do a good job, and stick with the company.

Here are some ideas for what to give your employees for Christmas.

Gift Cards

Gift vouchers are a great idea because your employees can spend them whenever they want. You can even give them a ham gift voucher for your company to ensure they have something for their holiday meal. Give your employees a gift card so they can pick up the food when they’re ready.

A Bonus

Many companies don’t do Christmas bonuses anymore because of taxes. Speak to your employees and see if this is something they want. For some people, a bonus might be a chance to get their Christmas shopping done or pay some bills. You could even bring out a special commission for during the holiday season to help them out.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets come in many different forms, and you can get them as big or as small as you want. They can include many different things such as bubble baths or even a Christmas dinner. You don’t have to put it together, and there are many places that offer pre-made gift baskets. Choose a local company or a small business to help spread the joy (and money) this holiday season.

Tech Gifts

Tech gifts such as chargers, headphones, or reading gadgets are great gifts your employees can use all year round. You could get your company logo printed on the items. Tech gifts last a while so only give one a year instead of a bunch of tech gadgets at once.

Time Off

Your employees deserve paid time off over the holidays because they worked hard all year. Close the business over the holidays so they get a nice break. You might miss a few sales, but your employees will be well-rested and ready for the New Year.

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