The Weird Thing I Do to Conquer My To-Do List | 12 Days of Life Editing | Day 11

OK, so I’m a bit of a weirdo.

I dance around my apartment singing 80s pop music at the top of my lungs. I watch Disney cartoons and cry like a baby when tragedy strikes. I’ll never get over the death of Bing Bong.

But I’m also a weirdo when it comes to planning. There’s something I do with my to-do list that my clients think is completely ridiculous, until they try it themselves.

This is the 12 Days of Life Editing, my annual countdown to Christmas where I share bite-sized life editing wisdom to help you feel merry and bright.

Plus, spots are now open for the 12 Week Edit, a coaching package where we choose one goal and design one plan to create one new you.

In today’s video, you’ll learn how to completely check off everything on your daily to-do list, especially if you’ve been procrastinating.

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