Struggling Business? We Can Fix It!

I usually don’t recommend taking action when you’re feeling angry.

I’m zen like that. 🙂

But one time I got so fed up with my clients’ excuses that I was boiling over with rage. So I rolled up my sleeves and said, “I’ll show you!”

I designed my best-selling, most-popular program during a fit of anger.

What had ruffled my feathers?

I was tired on my clients saying, “I don’t have time to start a business.”

That’s a total lie, and they knew it. But it was up to me to prove it to them.

Startup In 60 is a time management course for busy women who are ready to finally start their own businesses whether they have 60 days, 60 minutes, or just 60 seconds.

That’s not a typo. You CAN build a business from scratch in just 1 minute per day.

Ready to dump your excuses and give your business a much-needed boost?

Now through Monday, May 30, 2022, my best-selling life and business programs are bundled up for major savings.

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The Business Bundle contains my supercharged business programs:

  • Startup In 60 (best seller!)
  • 50 Ways to Promote Your Business Without Social Media
  • Boost Your Business Starter Pack
  • That’s more than 28 hours of video content to help you build a profitable business!

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