She Found a Home In Life Editor Academy (You Can Too!)

I swear, the best motivation trick I use is listening to my clients’ success stories.

There’s no way I can sit on my butt when they’re kickin’ ass in their lives and businesses!

Dedrea joined Life Editor Academy just as she started a new chapter in her life…she and her family moved across the country from Chicago to Orlando.

As someone who has moved 7 times in the past 6 years (including 2 cross-country moves and another move just last month!), I could relate.

It’s scary leaving behind everything that’s familiar and venturing into the unknown. It soon became clear that Dedrea’s theme for the year was discovering what “home” meant to her.

For months, she mourned her old neighborhood and even refused to call Florida her true home. But by working with me and leaning on her Academy Sisters, she began to realize that she could thrive in this new environment.

And we had her back the whole time!

Dedrea embraced my favorite affirmation and “bloomed where she was planted.” Watching her grow her business, become a part of her community, pay off debt, and make new friends was a joy as her coach.

I love seeing my clients soar, but it was my pleasure to watch Dedrea nest.

She’s ending her year in the Academy as a completely new person, and one who knows that she can build a home from the inside out.

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