Life Editor’s Picks: Tons of Tumblers

OK, we’re all very familiar with my mug obsession (see exhibit A and exhibit B), but would it seem troubling if we extended my collection to include tumblers?

Hear me out! They’re practical, can hold hot or cold drinks, and add a touch of sunshine to my otherwise minimalistic desk.

I’ve even given tumblers to my retreat attendees for the green smoothies we drink in the mornings. They’re an essential part of any routine, right up there with a planner and a smart phone.

So yes, I might have a slight beverage-related shopping addiction. But in my defense, my skin looks super hydrated.

Here are my top picks for beautiful (superfluous?) tumblers.

I almost titled this post “I’ll Tumble For Ya” but I thought that would reveal too much about my age . . . or obsession with 80s pop music.

Oh well, here’s a bonus video for you anyway!

1. Glass Tumbler With Silicone Sleeve. A gorgeous teal-colored, eco-friendly option.

2. Pretty Pink Insulated Tumbler. Does this look like an adult sippy cup? Yes. Will I use it anyway? Yes. In stressful times like these, it’s helpful to embrace things from our past that make us happy.

3. Bando Garden Party Travel Tumbler. The pretty pink and yellow flowers are perfect for spring.

4. Modern Botanical Insulated Tumbler. I’m obsessed with this ultra chic striped floral design!

5. Skinny Travel Tumbler. Comes in dozens of color combos and fits in any cup holder.

6. Sorbet Slim Cruiser Tumbler. This sweet gradient pattern (called sorbet!) looks good enough to eat.

7. Insulated Travel Mug With Lid. Everything seems more joyful with flamingos on it.

8. Mermaid Travel Mug. For when you finally decide to give up on land life and move under the sea.

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