Life Editor’s Picks: Holiday Mugs

If you know me long enough, you’ll eventually discover my (slight) obsession with coffee mugs.

In my defense, I do use the mugs! Some mugs are my go-to everyday workhorses, while others are reserved for specific holidays and ocassions.

Big or small. Tasteful or tacky. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s got a cute design and bold colors. My kitchen cabinets are loaded up with so many mugs that the shelves are buckling.

Since the end-of-year festivities are upon us, I took the time to comb through Amazon to find the very best Christmas mugs.

It’s research! I swear I didn’t buy any for myself . . . maybe.

Here are my picks for the perfect holiday mugs.

1. Snowman Face Oversized Coffee Mug. It’s so rare to find a hefty big mug (24 oz!) like this one. And who can say no to a classic snowman?

2. 3D Tree Glass Mug. Wait, why is this Christmas tree upside down? The holidays can get a little nutty, so I say just go with it.

3. Christmas Gifts Coffee Mug. From cookies to mistletoe, candy canes to presents, all your favorite Christmas goodies are here.

4. Pink Christmastime Mug. An adorable cartoony mug covered in Christmas doodles and in my brand colors? Yes, please!

5. Holiday Kitty Cat Coffee Mug. Meowy Xmas indeed.

6. Harry Potter Christmas at Hogwarts Mug. Nothings says “warm and cozy” like these whimsical wizarding books.

7. Charlie Brown Christmas Coffee Mug. The whole Peanuts gang is here to celebrate the season with one tiny (but beautiful) tree.

8. 3D Figurine Teacup. Choose from a dozen holiday friends, but I think this adorable snowman with scarf is the cutest.

9. Rudolph and Bumble Ugly Sweater Mug. The perfect sipper for your holiday party and all your reindeer games.

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