Life Editor’s Picks: Midas Touch

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with having the newest toys and games.

I had the largest collection of Jem and the Holograms dolls out of all the girls in my school. Give me a break, it was the 1980s! I was perfectly content with my rainbow-haired rocker dolls…that is, until they came out with “Glitter and Gold Jem.”

It was as if King Midas had used his infamous touch to change all the dolls’ clothes into brilliantly gold versions of 80s fashions. Jem even had tinsel-y gold highlights in her hair. Check out this blast from the past:

I HAD to have the entire “Glitter and Gold” line. It didn’t matter that I already owned dozens of dolls. These ones were GOLD!!!

Honestly, this desire to have sparkly new accessories in my possession hasn’t changed now that I’m an adult. Who wouldn’t want something dripping with gorgeous gold?

In fact, I’m working on a “Gold” program that will launch next year. And like the name implies, it’s a glittery and shined-up version of something you already love.

Could your workspace use a golden makeover?

Here are my picks for giving your office the Midas Touch.

1. Gilded Conscience Notebook. An art deco glam addition to your notebook collection.

2. The Happy Planner Gold Foil “To Do” Stickers. You’ll actually want to do your work when your tasks sparkle.

3. Nate Berkus Swingline Gold Stapler. Who says paper filing can’t be fabulous?

4. Gold Circle Magnets. So much better than those plastic fruit ones on the refrigerator.

5. Clutch Organizer Wallet. You’ll easily be able to find this stunner at the bottom of your purse.

6. Colada Tea Light Candle Holder. Add the perfect bit of elegance to your desk.

7. S’well Bottle, Metallic Gold. Staying hydrated just got more glamorous.

8. Golden Glam Magazine Caddy. Your reading material never looked so good.

9. Kate Spade New York Women’s Gold Glitter Water Bottle. I love the golden color.

10. Gold + Coral Slim Accessory Pouch. The upgrade your pencil case desperately needs.

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  1. Marie-France Lamothe on December 1, 2016 at 8:03 am

    These are awesome pics, even though I’m more of a silver lover myself (GASP!!!! I know!!! lol) But don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some sparkle! 😉