Last Day to Join Life Editing for Beginners!

Time is running out! Today is the very last day you can join Life Editing for Beginners.

Week 1: Create a Foundation starts tomorrow, and the other participants are already introducing themselves in our private Facebook group.

We’re here to support each other as we edit our lives, and I love the helpful and positive vibe this group has—that’s important when you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

You know how you keep saying you’ll make changes “when things calm down” or “when I have more money” or “when it’s a better time”?

It’s like you’re waiting around for someone to save you or for a magical sign from above to appear.

Well, guess what? THIS IS YOUR SIGN.

You deserve a edited life full of clarity, purpose, and fun!

It’s not about trashing the life you already have—it’s about making small, doable changes to grow into the best version of yourself.

You can do this. I’ll be right here with you the whole way. Let’s go!

Ready to Edit Your Life?

Click here to join Life Editing for Beginners.

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Blog Party!

I’m hosting a Blog Party this week in honor of the launch. My beta testers are sharing their experiences from the program on their blogs. Check out today’s posts:

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