Kiss Your Day Job GOODBYE! Doors Now Open for Goodbye 9-to-5

There’s a lot to love in Goodbye 9-to-5, my business mastermind group that helps you delete your distractions, design your personalized money-making plan, and build your business like a true leader.

But my favorite new addition are the KISS Projects . . . that’s “keep it simple, sister!”

KISS Projects to help you implement an evergreen business strategy to get sales using these categories: Products, Marketing, Sales, Productivity, Mindset, and Miscellaneous.

No more getting overwhelmed by taking on a hundred projects at once.

No more squeezing yourself into a box and doing what everyone else is doing.

Simply choose your focus for the month and dive into a streamlined, strategic, and sassy KISS Project to clean up a single area of your business without the overwhelm.

New KISS Projects Added Monthly

  • 💋 Design an evergreen email funnel to get daily sales on autopilot.
  • 💋 Use gamification to boost engagement in your community.
  • 💋 Create tripwires to kindly promote your products with urgency and scarcity.
  • 💋 Try 50 ways to promote your business without social media.
  • 💋 Get instant sales from Super Fans with my “hand-raise” post template.
  • 💋 Host supercharged livestreams and summits that sell your products like magic.
  • 💋 Streamline your daily routine for maximum efficiency so you can take breaks and days off without guilt.
  • 💋 Attract high-paying sponsor deals to get paid for your content creation.
  • 💋 And many more!

Ready to KISS your day job goodbye? 

Click here for all the details and join us!

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