“It’s the Best of Both Worlds!”

One of things I love about Life Editor Academy is that it’s not all about me.

Sure, you get one-on-one coaching with me for a full year, but you also experience support, accountability, and friendship with your new Academy sisters.

That combination of personalized life coaching plus the mastermind group mentality is what makes this program so unique.

This balance is explained beautifully by 2016 Academy member Meaghan Barkhouse. As a busy mom, employee, and business owner, she knows the value of having the best of both worlds.

Watch this video to learn why Meag joined Life Editor Academy.

The video transcript is below for your convenience.

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Video Transcript

My name is Meaghan Barkhouse. I’m a wedding consultant. I do consulting and coordinating for weddings, and you can find me at MeaghanBarkhouse.com.

I joined Life Editor Academy because I am a busy woman. I am a professional accountant, and I am also a professional mom! I have a little daughter who’s 2 years old, and I wanted to start a side business.

So things are really hectic for me, and I had a lot of ambitious plans, and I needed someone to help me organize all that work.

The best part was really the bonding with everyone. We had lots of fun!

There were a lot of sessions where we did group work, but also there was a lot of in-between breaking-it-up times to bond with my Academy sisters or to just go along and do your own thing and your own homework.

The second best thing was the food. It was fantastic! You eat very well.

One of the things I’ve been personally struggling with is gratitude and recognizing it in my daily life.

Sage had a lot of self-help books that she likes out, and I just picked up The Gratitude Diaries on one of the down times and just started reading it.

There was this great little quote from Shakespeare from Hamlet (just to paraphrase it), “There are no good or bad things, just what you think they will be.” I thought that was a great “a-ha moment.”

Things are not always bad, it’s just that you think they’re going to be terrible. It’s going to work out that way.

If you’re debating about joining Life Editor Academy, you should definitely do it.

Besides it being a little bit of a tongue twister for me, it’s been great!

It’s the best of both worlds with having a group mastermind class as well as having one-on-one coaching sessions with Sage.

So once a month I’m chatting with Sage, I’m getting things done with her. I have my accountability partners with my Academy sisters. Three times a year we get together and have lots of fun, lots of laughs, and overcome all the troubles, difficulties, and support each other.

If you need that support network, this is definitely the course for you!

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