How to Stop Employees From Coming to the Office

I’m grateful to run my own business out of my home, and I’ve been even more thankful not to work in a corporate office ever since the pandemic started.

Before Covid-19, office managers were worried about employees getting to the office on time and working their regular schedules. Now it’s not safe for people to gathering in public spaces, especially where I live in Los Angeles.

Social distancing measures can only go so far because there will always be entitled people who try to get around safety rules. Just turn on the news to see the folks who want what they want regardless of anyone else’s health.

Not everyone is happy to work remotely (even though I think it’s awesome), and employers need to be extra vigilant about keeping their staff away from the office.

Here’s how to stop employees from coming to the office.

Start Shielding

The main factor in keeping people safe is age. The older your workforce is, the more problems they’re likely to have if they contract the virus.

It’s essential to remind your older team members that they don’t have to come into the workplace if they feel unsafe.

Anyone with underlying health issues should also work remotely until society returns to some sort of normality. They might need Zoom and Microsoft Teams training, and this post has more information to get you started.

Invest In Access Control

Access control means keeping unauthorized individuals out of the office, and usually, it’s a security measure to stop anyone from walking in off the street.

But it has a second purpose during a pandemic: by setting the controls to let certain staff members into the building, it automatically controls who can enter the premises. Click here to learn more.

Telling people to stay at home should work for most people, but some employees might attempt to sneak in when no one is watching. Never underestimate stupid people! In this case, access control provides an extra layer of security.

Minimize Unnecessary Visits

Bored people will jump at any opportunity to leave the house, which includes going to the office to pick up “essentials.”

These unnecessary visits only put more people at risk, especially those who can’t work from home. How can you stop them? Start by logging people who enter and leave the building. Ask why they’re there and whether it’s necessary.

The key is enforcement! If employees believe that there won’t be any tough questions or consequences, they’ll push their luck and break the safety rules.

Help People Out

Several of my clients were put on furlough by their companies, and they soon started to worry that their jobs wouldn’t be around when the pandemic is over.

With their jobs and income on the line, it’s not hard to see why people will make up excuses to appear important, such as going into the office to carry out their duties.

If you’re an office manager, it’s your responsibility to communicate clearly with everyone that you plan to bring people back when restrictions are eased. See my previous post for more answers to your toughest business questions.

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