How to Handle ONLINE TROLLS | Haters Gonna Hate

If you’re like most people, then you have the soundtrack to the popular Disney movie Encanto stuck in your head.

Including the song about the mysterious Bruno who supposedly has a “seven foot frame, rats along his back.”

But when we finally get to meet the elusive Bruno in the movie (spoiler alert!), he’s just a sad, lonely man. Not a scary monster at all.

It’s the same for online trolls. I’ve received a tremendous amount of online hate in the past few months from insecure losers who just want to tear down the people who are actually being brave and doing good work.

No one deserves to be bullied, so I’m sharing new strategies to help you protect your online space and mental health.

As they say in another movie, “Silenzio, Bruno!”

Watch today’s video to learn how to handle online trolls so you can live your life and keep doing your good work.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:38 Step 1: Analyze the source
4:16 Step 2: Review the message
5:54 Step 3: Do your thing, baby!
6:44 Your next steps

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