How I Earned $50,000 With One Email

Have you ever had a moment where your best self shined through and you accomplished something truly amazing?

That moment happened for me 2 years ago when I was preparing to fill my inaugural class of Life Editor Academy, a 12-month group mastermind.

It was nerve-racking because I’d never offered a service with so many bells and whistles including 4 in-person retreats in Orlando, Florida. At the time, it was my most expensive coaching offering.

I took a deep breath and clicked “Send” on the email explaining the program. For the next few hours, my payment processor informed me that another sale had rolled in. And another. And another.

I had done what I thought was impossible! By the end of the day, I had filled the spots and secured $50,000 of income by sending one email.

Of course, I put in hours of behind-the-scenes work including nurturing my list and blogging consistently, but I can pinpoint several techniques that made this big payday a reality.

Here are 4 things I did to get my clients to say YES!

I Got Crystal Clear About My Ideal Client

Back when I was a newbie coach, I tried to sell my services to anyone who would pay me. It didn’t matter if they were a man or woman, had a job or not, or were willing to do the coaching homework.

I was desperate, and it showed.

Little by little, I got clear about who I actually want to work with. I wrote blog posts that engaged that specific client and made my followers feel like I was speaking directly to them.

When I sent the email for the Academy, those Life Editors trusted me and felt I like understood their unique situations. That deep trust always leads to sales.

I Focused My Efforts on Those Most Likely to Buy

The no-brainer thing to do would have been to send an email with all the offer details to my massive subscriber list (more than 12,000 people). After all, more people means more chances for sales, right?

But that impersonal approach wouldn’t make my most loyal followers, or “SuperFans” as I call them, feel special.

Instead, I sent this one email to only 100 subscribers who had already purchased 3 or more products or programs from me. And I told them exactly that at the top of the email.

They felt catered to, not lost in the crowd.

It’s easier to get a sale from someone who has already bought from you, especially if you tell her that this offer is only available to her because she’s a loyal follower.

I Designed My Offer to Exceed Their Expectations

Before I sent my email, I analyzed many other mastermind groups and considered what would work for my Life Editors and what I could drop.

I knew that bonding is essential for any mastermind group, so I added live retreats and accountability partners. No one would be left behind or pushed aside in my group.

In keeping with my editorial theme, I added a monthly book club where I would send the books to the members because everyone loves getting special packages in the mail!

The monthly one-on-one calls and group calls would keep them continually making progress. This was the most elite level program I had ever offered, but I knew it would work because these SuperFans were ready for more intense coaching beyond ebooks and videos.

I Created Urgency

You can’t have a successful launch without creating urgency in either quantity (the number of spots) or time (a deadline). I did both for the Academy.

First, I limited the mastermind group to just 10 ladies. That way, the group was big enough to justify the retreats but small enough to feel intimate.

Second, I gave them a 3-week deadline to join and explained that I would be accepting members on a rolling basis as the applications came in.

All this urgency meant that they had to act fast to secure their spots before they were all claimed and before the time ran out.

That one email changed my business forever and made me a better coach. If I could make it work for my business, then I knew these tactics would work for my clients’ businesses too.

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