Frequently Asked Questions About the Life Editor Weekend Retreat August 2023

There are only a few days left to get your ticket to my transformative in-person retreat: Life Editor Weekend!

It’s 4 days of luxury, lounging, and life editing at a private vacation home in sunny Orlando, Florida.

I know there’s a lot of mystery around what goes on during the weekend. We’re not burning bras or staging cult-like initiation ceremonies. Here’s the real deal:

  • We’re goal setting and planning!
  • We’re getting much-needed self-care!
  • We’re cleaning up all the areas of our lives and businesses so we can feel perfectly edited and ALIVE!

But maybe you’re still not sure if Life Editor Weekend is right for you.

No worries! I’ve got answers to all your frequently asked questions so you can make an informed decision.

What’s included in the ticket price?

Life Editor Weekend Includes:

  • A 4-Day, 3-Night Retreat in a Luxury Vacation Home including lodging, food, drinks, supplies, and entertainment. All you pay for is your transportation.
  • Exclusive Learning Sessions to help you edit every area of your life and business.
  • Group Coaching Sessions to get you to dream big, get out of your comfort zone, and go after your most important goals.
  • One Private Coaching Session with Sage to dive deep into your specific situation and challenges.
  • Accountability Partners to Support You so you can experience different perspectives and make new friends.
  • Entertainment and Fun Activities that may include movies, book discussions, swimming, theme park visits, and more.
  • 3 Nightly Themed Parties including the Intention Setting Party, Planning Pajama Party, and the Favorite Things Party.

What will you be teaching?

You’ll learn how to apply my 5-step Life Editing Process to your life and business to become the best version of yourself. Many of my followers have their own businesses, but it’s not a requirement.

Here’s the tentative agenda:

  • How to turn around a struggling business and get sales fast.
  • How to develop a gratitude practice that isn’t boring. We might get crafty and make DIY Bucket List Jars!
  • How to delete bad influences and toxic relationships.
  • How to define your personal boundaries and standards.
  • How to create good habits that (really!) stick.
  • How to rearrange your time so everything gets done. No more lost minutes.
  • How to grow your business with a content calendar. Planning makes it easy.
  • How to improve your money mindset and attract abundance. $$$
  • How to make white space for your self-care every day.
  • How to bust through your upper limit problems.

What are the dates?

Dates: Thursday, August 17—Sunday, August 20, 2023
Location: Orlando, Florida

What time do you start on Thursday and when do you stop on Sunday?

We start at 6:00 pm Thursday night and end at 11:00 am Sunday morning.

The learning sessions are all day Friday and Saturday so you won’t miss out on anything important if you skip the the first or last days. Past attendees have stayed the whole time, or arrived Friday morning, or left Saturday night. You choose what works for your schedule. 

How do I purchase a ticket and reserve my spot?

Click here to read all the details on the info page, and then click the “Get My Ticket!” button and you’ll be redirected to the order form. Or click the button at the bottom of this email. 

What kind of food is at the retreat? Can I still come if I have a dietary restriction?

Yes! We have a full gourmet kitchen available to us in the deluxe vacation home, so we have complete freedom for our meals.

I’m a vegan, and I can guarantee that we can accommodate any kind of dietary restriction or allergies. You are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer.

When we get closer to the event, you’ll fill out a survey so I’ll be aware of your dietary needs in advance. That way I can be sure there’s something yummy for you to eat for all the meals, snacks, and desserts.

Can I bring my business partner, spouse, child, dog, etc?

Sorry, but spouses, young children, and pets are not allowed at the retreat. We are determined to maintain a sacred atmosphere for our goal planning, soul searching, and sharing.

I’m brand new to life editing. Will I understand what you’re teaching?

Yes! Life Editor Weekend is perfect for newbies and advanced Life Editors. You won’t feel left behind, and you’ll learn a lot from the other attendees when we share our personal stories, successes, and challenges.

Join the Fun at the Life Editor Weekend Retreat!

Dates: Thursday, August 17—Sunday, August 20, 2023
Location: Orlando, Florida
Tickets on sale now through July 17, 2023.

Click here for all the details and get your ticket.

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