Editor’s Notebook 17

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

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What I’m Loving This Week

Facts for Women of the World (AKA Entrepreneurs!). I’m so thankful that I don’t have a salary cap anymore.

What Happened When I Lived According To The Pinterest Popular Page. This is hilarious and weird and kinda makes me want to do the same thing.

5 Signs You Need To Fire Your Life Coach. Eek! Not feeling the love with your current coach? How about you and I see if we’re a good match? Click here for more info about my coaching services.

Random Acts of Pasta. Why didn’t I think of this? Brilliant!

How to Deal When Your Company Moves to an Open Floor Plan. You know, other than quit immediately.

3 Simple Tips for Packing Your Carry-On. For those of you who are on-the-go this holiday season.

13+ Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers. It’s not too late to buy a Christmas gift for me…um, I mean for your loved ones.

Infographic: How Food and Family Meals Impact Our Happiness. I grew up in a family where we never, ever ate meals together. That lack of family togetherness (among other things) really messed me up. Now I’m fanatical about Chris and me eating meals together.

14 Creative Ways To Practice Gratitude. Sure, a gratitude journal is a no-brainer, but let’s be more creative in the new year.

The First Lines of 63 Simpsons Characters. I’m a HUGE Simpsons fan, and this is an adorable list of the first utterings of many of the Springfield folks. “Hey, Disco Stu doesn’t advertise.”

Extreme Puppy Makeover. The law of attraction in action: when you put positivity out into the world, it comes back to you.

You Need to Give Yourself a Raise. Yup. I encourage my clients to take a look at their prices every quarter and consider raising them.

8 Things Highly Productive People Do Every Morning. And hitting the snooze button ain’t on the list.

Oh My God. We can only assume that this poor man is now dead. This makes me laugh every single time.

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  1. Dana Thompson on December 23, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Thanks for the post Sage! I really enjoyed the tips for packing your carry on (England bound in 2015!), the stocking stuffers for book lovers post (I too LOVED the library set!!!!), and the 8 things productive people do post. It’s always fun to follow these links because you never know what gem of wisdom you might uncover!

  2. Sarah@Long Island Nerd on December 21, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Yay it’s my favorite time of the week! I love love love these posts and I’m so excited to check out these links. I’m hoping to read more in the new year so I’m especially looking forward to the book suggestions in the link for the book stocking stuffers 🙂 I’ve also been really loving interest lately so I’m looking forward to reading that post.

    I hope you’ve been enjoying your holiday season!

    • Sarah@Long Island Nerd on December 21, 2014 at 9:51 am

      Ok so they weren’t book suggestions but omg how cute! I especially loved the washi tape and the personal library kit! Adorable!

      • Sage Grayson on December 21, 2014 at 4:47 pm

        Yeah, I might have to get the personal library kit myself. Pinterest has so many amazing ideas that I wonder what my life would be like if I actually tried those things instead of just pinning them. Hmm…might have to create some kind of challenge for myself.

        Happy holidays! And thanks for commenting, Sarah. 🙂