Customer Perception: Understanding Your Brand’s Image

Brand perception is how your brand is seen and understood by customers, and it must adapt to our ever-changing culture.

When people look at your brand, they see 3 key things:

  1. What your brand represents in the market
  2. How your brand involves the customers
  3. How your brand compares to other brands

Consider the brand perception of Google. People see Google as a search engine giant, they use it every day, and it’s more complex than rival search engines.

Why Does Perception Matter?

Every manager, CEO, and business owner must understand why consumer perceptions have become so important.

Our culture has changed, and customers are more concerned about fair trade, climate change, and treatment of workers than in the past. Bad social media press of your business having poor green energy policies or contributing to pollution will label your business as thoughtless and only in it for the money.

Customers spend their money with brands that fit their culture and values.

In-Person Perception

Real-world perception is almost as important as online perception because people walking around shopping will see your brand with their own eyes, and that’s not the same as seeing it on a screen.

Your logo and design must be visible on the important assets of your business such as your vehicles. If you’re a freight company, electrical service business, or interior design entrepreneur, then you need vinyl supplies. With the right material, you can put a fantastic sign, logo, slogan, or image on your vehicle.

Vinyl signs are also good for on-premises signs that can be placed on the floor, on the walls, or outside. High-performance vinyl can handle wind, rain, and people’s footsteps for many years.

How to Change Your Customers’ Perception

Customers are concerned about issues like climate change and slave labor, and if you can show that you’re not contributing to the problem and are using your profits to help in some way, then you have nothing to be afraid of.

Customers might make a silent protest or an obvious protest if you stand by while injustice occurs. This is why many brands are jumping the gun, and launching campaigns focused on important topics. Your business should get involved in the issues that matter to your customers.

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