Creative Ways to Use Lanyards for Business, Health, and Home

Lanyards are a handy little item that are great for business conferences, large events, and identification purposes. I use branded lanyards for my Life Editor Weekend attendees (that is, when we have the retreat in-person).

Maybe you don’t give much thought to the simple ribbon and plastic tag that hangs around your neck, but there are different ways you can use and repurpose lanyards after an event.

Here are some creative ways to use lanyards for business, health, and home.

Origins of Lanyards

Lanyards were invented in France in the 15th century, and the alternative spelling for lanyard is laniard.

Laniere and lasniere mean “strap” in both French and Old French, whereas lainer denotes “thong” in old English. Lanyards were importantly used onboard ships, with soldiers, and in the 1950s, children would tie them into various knots.

At the time, lanyards were nothing than rope, which is why they were used on ships or in battle to tie armor, weapons, or clothing.  

Ways To Use Lanyards

Lanyards were eventually repurposed in other ways such as worn on your body or carried in your bags to hold small and essential objects. Businesses use lanyards for branding and marketing their products at promotional events, and they can be easily modified for virtually any industry. 

One application many people are unaware of is that they are used to identify individuals who have invisible medical problems or disabilities, such as the sunflower lanyard. Charity initiatives involving airports, transit, or stores can assist these individuals.

Other Uses for Lanyards

  • Schools
  • Sports
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Events
  • Retail
  • Hold small items
  • Work 
  • Entertainment industry 
  • Medical 
  • Invisible disabilities 

Repurpose and Recycle Old Lanyards

One disadvantage of using a lanyard is it may wind up being wasteful if you don’t think you need it. The item can be a powerful promotional tool, but they might accumulate after a few various events.

You can repurpose and reuse your old lanyards at home by weaving them into containers, pet leashes, bracelets, or rugs. They also make good key holders, phone holders, or as a grip on small sanitizer bottles. 

Lanyards can be more environmentally friendly at work by ensuring the materials are biodegradable or non-plastic, and continuously collecting and reusing them for future use.

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