ALL NEW! Introducing “50 Simple Sales Multipliers”

This week I put the finishing touches on a BRAND NEW digital course that will help you double or triple every sale you make.

But when you visit the info page, you’ll probably be thinking only one thing:

“Um, Sage, what’s with all the bunnies?”

Today I’d like to introduce you to the strategy of using sales multipliers, and bunnies are really great at multiplying so they’re the perfect mascot!

If you carrot all about boosting your income, get this course!

50 Simple Sales Multipliers (ALL NEW DIGITAL COURSE!)


In This Course You’ll Learn

  • What are sales multipliers and how they boost your bottom line with every purchase.
  • How to kindly and genuinely lead your customers to additional products and offers that can help them reach their big goals.
  • How to automate your passive income streams for effortless sales so you have more time for living your life. Stop feeling chained to your laptop!
  • 50 simple (yet effective!) sales multipliers you can implement in your business starting TODAY. Many take less that 5 minutes to complete.
  • Ways to make ’em work for any type of business with simple tweaks for digital products, physical products, services, and more!
  • A customizable action plan for adding sales multipliers to your business over the next 3 months based on your needs and priorities.

Ready to fall down the rabbit hole of sales multipliers designed to get your customers to buy again and again and again . . . ?

Click here to get 50 Simple Sales Multipliers.

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