Achieve More by Setting SMART Goals | 3 Types of Goals With Examples!

I always encourage my clients to dream big by asking themselves, “What do I really want?”

But sometimes those goals are a little vague:

  • “I want a successful business.”
  • “I want to lose weight.”
  • “I want to be happier.”

What does that mean exactly? 

Do you have a successful business when you earn $1? Or $1000? Does getting a haircut count as weight loss? Are you not happy unless you live in Hawaii?

Unsurprisingly, vague goals get vague results. And then my clients get frustrated and give up on their dreams entirely. We don’t want that!

Today, I’m putting an end to all the wimpy goals that set you up for failure.

Instead, we’re designing a CRYSTAL CLEAR goal plan for the rest of the year so you can make daily progress, feel accomplished, and reap your rewards! 

Watch this video to learn how to set 3 different types of SMART goals (with examples!).

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