Do you know my clients’ favorite place to hang out?

Is it Facebook? TikTok? YouTube? Maybe Starbucks or Michaels or Target?

Nah, my clients may love all those online and in-person locations, but there’s one place they spend oodles of time whether they’re conscious of it or not . . . 


Maybe you’re in the same boat, and you can’t imagine breaking free from your snuggly comfort zone.

But a comfort zone makes you play small, deny your dreams, and live a life far below what you’re capable of. I don’t want that for you!

Your homework for today is to challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and into a world where your goals are possible: building your business, gaining financial freedom, taking care of your mental and physical health, and so much more.

Need some inspiration? Check out these best reasons to challenge yourself.

5 Best Reasons to Challenge Yourself 

  1. “If I don’t quit my day job soon, I’ll be arrested for murdering Kim in accounting for stealing my lunch and wearing too much perfume.”
  2. “I don’t want to have to tell my kids that we don’t have money for college (or vacations or whatever). It’s my fault we have debt, but I can get my finances back on track fast with Sage’s help.”
  3. “I love my business, but I’m heartbroken that it’s dying a slow death. I’m ready to try new tactics and get out of my comfort zone to save it.”
  4. “Even if I keep my day job, the extra income will help us stay financially stable despite inflation.”
  5. “My ancient car (or washing machine) is about to die any day now. I need more cash NOW to replace or fix the broken parts of my home before an accident happens.”

So, what’s your reason?

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